Hans-Gunther Kern is an international lecturer, course leader, consultant and project manager in the bio-dynamic approach to agricultural development.

He will be hosting a bio-dynamic introductory course at the Blackthorn Trust, starting on November 16th 2019. Participants are invited to join the full course of 7 modules, or to join individual modules. More details about the modules can be found below

Each module is £160 for the weekend
Commitment to the year's course costs £840 (a saving of 25%)
Payment plans and concessions will be considered upon application

Please contact Hans-Gunther directly for queries or to book your place:
e mail:
phone: +44 (0) 7852 917 497

The Modules

Module 1 16/17th November 2019 - introduction to planning and implementing your bio-dynamic gardening
Module 2 24th/25th January 2020 - Planning your garden for health and nourishment
22nd/23rd February 2020 - Celebration of natural and cultivated flora and fauna
Module 3 7th/8th March 2020 Soil and fertility management through a bio-dynamic approach
Module 4 21st/22nd March 2020 The spring garden and nursery work in a bio-dynamic setting
Module 5 25th/26th April 2020 Bio-dynamic composting and balancing the fauna and flora
Module 6 30th/31st May 2020 The midsummer garden
Module 7 26th/27th September From the outer to the inner garden - Michaelmas, time of transition and new beginnings