Fileder Filter Systems, who not only understand the importance of staff welfare, but also the value of helping the local community, sent three teams of enthusiastic volunteers to help us make a few changes to our garden as we prepare for our new physic garden to be built.

There was a spirit of friendly competition as each team tried to achieve more than the previous one had. By the end of the week they had helped us to re-shape some of the beds to make them easier to manage. We were amazed by how they had transformed the garden in just a few days, and our gardeners were delighted with the changes. In return, we gave the staff at Fileder the Blackthorn experience: breakfast made from our homemade bread in the morning, and a home-cooked meal at lunchtime.

Fileder Filter Systems have kindly offered to support the Blackthorn Trust this year, and have also made a generous donation towards our new Healing Minds garden. Donations are always much-needed and very welcome, and to have made a connection with such a lovely group of people is priceless.