Self-funded services

Blackthorn Trust is a Health and Community Hub offering holistic therapies in Maidstone, as an alternative to mainstream approaches. We support people with a range of long-term health conditions including chronic pain, fatigue, insomnia, stress and mental health conditions.

Our work is based on the belief that more than medication is required to affect positive change in people: namely therapeutic and peer support, community, meaningful work and daily routine. The therapies that we offer are all in line with our anthroposophical ethos.

People attending our self-funded services help fund Blackthorn Trust’s work supporting the local community.


Our holistic therapies address the whole person and we endeavour to support you to manage your symptoms while at the same time strengthening your confidence and motivation. We offer:


Individual therapy sessions

Pre-paid treatment blocks
6 sessions £310
12 sessions £590


Attend one individual therapy and one creative workshop session each week, all located in Blackthorn’s beautiful garden setting.

Examples of our creative workshops include bread making, craft, gardening and plant nursery.

You will be supported by a mentor who will help you work towards your individual goals.

12 week programme
£1,260 payable in advance as a lump sum OR three (monthly) instalments of £420.


Please download and complete our ‘Application for self-funded therapy and support’ form to access our holistic therapies in Maidstone. On receipt of the completed form, a member of our therapy team will contact you to set up an initial assessment appointment (the initial assessment fee is £80).

During your initial assessment appointment, the therapist will take a background history and discuss and explain the options that are appropriate and available to you. Your programme and session dates may be decided in this initial session, or the therapist may wish to discuss your application with the wider therapy team; in this case we will aim to contact you again as soon as possible after our next therapy team meeting to propose a plan.

Download our ‘Application for self-funded therapy and support’ form here (please return it by email to: or post to: Blackthorn Trust, St Andrew’s Road, Maidstone, ME16 9AN).