Our Deli/Café & Bakery

The café has a warm and friendly atmosphere and is the perfect spot for a home-made nourishing lunch. Lunch is served between 12pm and 1.45pm.

In summer you can sit out on the terrace and soak up the beauty of the garden, and when it’s cold our cosy café is guaranteed to take off the winter chill.

Much of the food we serve has been grown in our biodynamic garden, and all of our meals are made from scratch by our kitchen team. Each day we offer homemade soup, a main course with salad, and a dessert, as well as freshly cut sandwiches.

Our bakers make a range of traditional and seasonal breads from organic stone-ground flour for sale each day. Frozen bread is also available on request.

We support the Real Bread Campaign in their promotion of bread made without the use of any processing aid, artificial additives, flour improvers, dough conditioners, preservatives or chemical leavening.

To reserve a table please call: 01622 725 585

Our Deli/Café and Bakery
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